About Us


Manchester Auto Body Shop isn't some fly-by-night operation that will be here today and gone tomorrow: we've been in business since 1965. We've seen a lot of history roll by, and we’re looking forward to watching plenty more.

Lots of things have changed since we started. In the 1960s, many American cars still used steel bodies and carburetors, and most people probably would have laughed at the idea of a computer running the essential parts of your car. Now, of course, your car’s computer can run everything from the transmission to the climate control, your car’s body might be made of fiberglass or aluminum, and the carburetor has gone the way of the dinosaur (at least in new cars).

But some things haven’t changed. We’re still committed to making sure you get quality service at a reasonable price. We’ll still do everything we can to make sure your car leaves our shop looking like it just came out of the factory. And your satisfaction is still our top priority.

If this sounds like the kind of attitude you want in the company doing your body work, call us at 860-858-5492, and let’s talk shop.
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